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Crafted to emulate natural marble, Calacatta Lucca Porcelain Tiles from MSI’s Kaya Collection are a perfect choice to add a sophisticated yet timeless element to any space. Hints of gold and grey stand out beautifully against a white background adding luxurious elegance. Made in Spain, these marble look porcelain tiles can create stunning backsplashes, accent walls, entryways, flooring, and more. For increased design flexibility, this low-maintenance marble look porcelain tile is available in 12”x24”, 24”x24”, and 24”x48” sizes with mosaic and bullnose accessories. Choose between a matte or polished finish to create the look that best suits your style.

Color: Calacatta Lucca - 12X24 Matte
  • Calacatta Lucca - 12X24 Matte
  • Calacatta Lucca - 12X24 Polished
  • Calacatta Lucca - 24X24 Matte
  • Calacatta Lucca - 24X24 Polished
  • Calacatta Lucca - 24X48 Matte
  • Calacatta Lucca - 24X48 Polished
  • Calacatta Lucca - 3X3 Matte
  • Calacatta Venato - 12X24 Matte
  • Calacatta Venato - 12X24 Polished
  • Calacatta Venato - 24X24 Matte
  • Calacatta Venato - 24X24 Polished
  • Calacatta Venato - 24X48 Matte
  • Calacatta Venato - 24X48 Polished
  • Calacatta Venato - 3X3 Matte
  • Carrara Bianco - 12X24 Matte
  • Carrara Bianco - 12X24 Polished
  • Carrara Bianco - 24X24 Matte
  • Carrara Bianco - 24X24 Polished
  • Carrara Bianco - 24X48 Matte
  • Carrara Bianco - 24X48 Polished
  • Carrara Bianco - 3X3 Matte
  • Onda Gray - 12X24 Matte
  • Onda Gray - 12X24 Polished
  • Onda Gray - 24X24 Matte
  • Onda Gray - 24X24 Polished
  • Onda Gray - 24X48 Matte
  • Onda Gray - 24X48 Polished
  • Onda Gray - 3X3 Matte
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Calacatta Lucca - 12X24 Matte
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