Reasons to use a carpet binding service

Reasons to use a carpet binding service

Many of our customers ask us what they can do with the leftover carpet remnants from a new installation. Our answer is always the same with us responding, " Turn those samples into useful area rugs!" Not only does that cut down on waste and, therefore, helps to save you money, but it makes it easy to coordinate and layer over your wall-to-wall since they came from the same roll. Read further to see why an area rug binding department like ours is such a good design and money-saving tool.

What is rug binding?

Not to be confused with serging, rug binding is the process of wrapping a strip of fabric around the carpet edge and stitching it in place with a binding machine. You can use rug binding to create custom area rugs or to repair a frayed edge. It’s usually the least expensive and easiest way to finish an edge.

There’s a wide assortment of colors in the rug binding palette, so it’s easy to find something that matches. In this case, it’s better to match than coordinate. The binding strip is so thin; many feel the result would be less than satisfactory.

When to use carpet binding

You can use it to salvage a worn family heirloom or a rug that’s just too expensive to replace. Even if the rugs have holes, our designers can cut around them, create a piece, and then we’ll finish the edges. Another reason is that you might want your creation or with a personal message or logo. Put your design on paper, and we’ll do the rest. Perhaps the biggest reason is that you can finally have a rug that will fit your space. Rooms aren’t perfect squares, and there are also door sills, baseboards, bay windows, etc. Stock rugs come in standard sizes and colors, but those challenges disappear with rug binding; if you see something you love, buy it anyway, and we'll get it to the correct size and shape.

The Carpets Plus Outlet is a family-owned-and-operated company with 40 years’ experience that believes strongly in the power of one-to-one service. So, if you have questions about carpet binding, visit our showroom for information and a free quote. Our showroom is in Kenosha, WI, and we service areas in and around Kenosha, Racine, Burlington, Salem, Pleasant Prairie, Waukegan, Zion, and Gurnee.